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Neuer postgradualer Universitätslehrgang „Familienunternehmen und Vermögensplanung (LL.M.)“

Im Oktober 2018 startet an der Universität Wien der postgraduale Masterlehrgang „Familienunternehmen und Vermögensplanung (LL.M.)“ unter der Leitung von Univ.-Prof. Dr. Martin Schauer. Der Lehrgang bietet JuristInnen die Möglichkeit einer vertiefenden Weiterbildung und Spezialisierung am Schnittpunkt von Unternehmen, Familie und Private Wealth Management. Ein attraktives Leistungsstipendium der Österreichischen Notariatsakademie wird angeboten.
Alle Details entnehmen Sie bitte der Postgraduate Center Website und der Lehrgangsbroschüre.
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"Welche Juristen hoch im Kurs stehen"

Neuer Gesellschafter

Ingo Dieter JOHAM ist seit Jänner 2018 nun auch Gesellschafter bei lawyers & more I l & m executive search & consulting gmbh.
Er ist seit 2009 im Unternehmen als ausgewiesener Legal & Tax Recruiting-Spezialist tätig.

Shilton Sharpe Quarry (SSQ), international cooperation partner for lawyers & more

June 2016

We are pleased to announce our cooperation with Shilton Sharpe Quarry (SSQ).
Established in 2003, SSQ is a market leading legal search and recruitment consultancy with a distinctive and modern vision. 
SSQ’s global network encompasses offices and affiliations across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australasia, South Africa and the United States. 
SSQ’s activities include placing partners, teams and associate lawyers in permanent and temporary positions within leading international and domestic law firms, and in-house lawyers/general counsel into corporates, governmental and financial institutional clients. 
SSQ’s highly experienced team of ca. 90 legal search professionals has been responsible for many of the most significant law firm launches, and partner, team and general counsel hires across the globe in recent years.
Further information on SSQ is available at

The Austrian Association of Corporate Counsel

March 2016

We are pleased to report on the website launch of our cooperation partner, the Austrian Association of Corporate Counsel (Vereinigung Österreichischer Unternehmensjuristen, VUJ). As has long been established practice internationally, Austria has now also instituted a separate professional association for corporate counsel, dedicated to the overall and coordinated further development of the profession's occupational image and the contemporary recognition of its significance. 

The independent and cross-sector VUJ aims in particular to:

  • Pool the interests of corporate counsel in Austria and represent them to the outside world.
  • Establish and further develop the occupational image of corporate counsel.
  • Provide networking opportunities for corporate counsel as a platform for the sharing of information and experience as well as harness existing knowledge.
  • Promote the vocational education and training of corporate counsel and further advance the status of corporate counsel as partner or part of management.
  • Make a constructive contribution to the continued development of areas of law that are of particular relevance for the practice of legal counsel.
  • Establish cooperation and an exchange with professional associations internationally.

Regular membership in VUJ is essentially open to all lawyers who are employed full-time in a company and work predominantly on legal assignments without providing counsel to third parties. Further information on VUJ is available at